Teenager arrested for throwing ice cream at neighbor

Vanessa Pierre 
By: Mahesh Sarin 

A teenager was arrested for assault after throwing ice cream at a neighbor during an argument.

Police in Florida, said that they arrested Vanessa Pierre, 19, after she was accused of using a pint of ice cream as a weapon against her neighbor.

According to police, the teenager’s mother told them that she had an argument with her daughter after she refused to allow her daughter’s friend to sleep in her house since she did not know the girl.

Pierre was upset with her mother’s decision and she stormed out of the house, while screaming and

According to the police report, a neighbor went out to investigate and found the young Pierre screaming. The girl then started cursing the neighbor.

According to the neighbor, Pierre threw a pint of Blue Bell Cookies 'n Cream ice cream at him, hitting his leg, and getting ice cream on his clothes and shoes.

Pierre left the scene before police arrived, but was later arrested on charges of battery and criminal mischief.



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