Man sues for the right to have 'gay' car license plate

Gay license plate illustration 
By: Chan Yuan 

A man who was denied permission to get his custom license plate, announced that he is gay and proud of it.

The man is now suing the state department of motor vehicle after his license plate name request was denied.

According to the lawsuit, James Cyrus Gilbert is claiming that his constitutional rights were violated when they denied his request for vanity license plates that read: "GAYGUY," "GAYPWR," or “4GAYLIB."

Gilbert, of Atlanta, Georgia, claims that his constitutional rights were violated since he was not asking for something vulgar or over the top when he made the gay vanity plate request.

According to reports, these three combinations are on a list of banned vanity license plates. However, Gilbert claims that in the past, the State of Georgia, has approved some plates with political and religious expressions.

The lawsuit filed against the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicle Services of Georgia, requests approval of the requested vanity plates, nominal damages and attorney fees, as well as a court order saying that state regulation of the vanity plates is nconstitutional, according to reports.



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