Dentist arrested after working under the influence of alcohol (video)

Doctor Robert Garelick 
By: Wayne Morin 

(Scroll down for video) A dentist was arrested and charged after he performed a procedure while under the influence of alcohol, according to court records in New York.

The highly respected dentist in Long Island, New York, spent Monday night in jail after being accused of boozing up and then performing a complicated drilling procedure in the mouth of his patient.

Doctor Robert Garelick seemed to smile as police took him in handcuffs to court.

"Suffolk County Police arrested a dentist who was under the influence of alcohol as he performed a dental procedure on a patient yesterday afternoon," police spokesperson Kerry Pecorino said.

The patient stated that she smelled alcohol on his breath during the drilling procedure and was so alarmed that she called the police, who came into the office to interview the dentist.

According to the District Attorney, Dr. Garelick, 57, said he could have had a couple of beers at lunch. However, detectives allegedly seized a water bottle filled with alcohol in it.

The dentist was charged with reckless endangerment in the second degree. He maintained his innocence after being released on bail Tuesday, but if convicted, he could face fines, censure, reprimand, or even the loss of his medical license.



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