Teen girl drives 60 miles to beat another girl over Facebook post

Two girls fighting illustration 
By: Chan Yuan 

Distance was not able to keep a teen girl from traveling in order to beat up another teen girl after she posted a comment on Facebook, according to police in Indiana.

Police said that the 16-year-old girl allegedly drove 60 miles in order to beat another girl who spread rumors about her on Facebook.

The alleged 17-year-old victim and her mother told police that the other girl drove from her Monticello home to their LaPorte home in a van Sunday morning. Police said that the Monticello teen girl beat down and kicked the other girl when she finally met her.

The mother pulled apart the two adolescents, and the Monticello girl left the scene, but police later arrested her when she passed through the other girl's house again.

The Monticello girl was arrested on misdemeanor charges of assault, curfew violation and resisting law enforcement. She told police that the 17-year-old girl had started the rumors about her on the Internet.



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