New York students celebrate new school toilets

School toilets illustration 
By: Chan Yuan 

Students at a New York school celebrated this week, after finally receiving new toilets at their old school building.

A ribbon-cutting event may not be the usual way to open a renovated bathroom, but at one Public School in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, it was a reason to celebrate.

"It's like winning the lottery. Of course it is. We are excited as we have these brand new bathrooms for the kids," Principal Annabell Martinez said.

The work was funded through the so-called participatory budgeting that allowed residents of Park Slope to vote on how some extra city funds for their district should be spent.

"It makes me feel good for the children because they have much more space, more bathrooms, so they do not have to wait for their turn and push each other," a student at the school said.

The school building is 112 years. The fixtures in the boys bathroom were too large, which made hand washing and other uses a real challenge for the little boys.

The girls bathroom had no doors on the stalls, making privacy impossible.

A radiator right next to the toilet was so hot in the winter, that it could not be used. "The floor was all rusty and cracked all over," another student said.