Large warehouse completely covered by solid ice (video)

Chicago warehouse covered in ice 
By: Wayne Morin 

(Scroll down for video) An Illinois warehouse became completely covered with solid ice after a fire broke out inside, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

Firefighters in Chicago, fought the massive warehouse fire all through the night, by spraying water at the building, and the extremely low temperatures caused the water to immediately freeze.

Chicago Fire Department officials were called after the fire broke out in the abandoned building.

Smoke could be seen pouring out from the building gutted by the flames. On Wednesday, the Fire Department Commissioner John McNicholas said that the fire, which firefighters struggled to fight as cakes of ice formed on their uniforms, could reignite at any moment.

"We know that there is still waste that is burning," McNicholas said. Firefighters deployed a high power water canon to extinguish the flames of fire on Tuesday night. "It looked like hell was on the next block," neighbor Jaime Lamus said.

The five-alarm fire drew more than 200 firefighters from around the city, a third of the total workforce of the department.

A firefighter suffered a minor injury during the initial operation to bring the fire under control. It was unclear on Thursday, what caused the fire in the first place.



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