2,400 Brazilian prison inmates go missing after being released just for the holidays

Prison illustration 
By: Chan Yuan 

Many prisons in Brazil, allow prisoners to go home for the holidays.

The prisoners were able to spend the holidays with their families, but they were expected to return after the holidays were over.

Thousands of prisoners were granted temporary permission to visit their families during Christmas and New Years.

However, more than 2,400 prisoners did not return, this is just 5 percent of the total prisoners who were released. Surprisingly, 45,000 inmates who were freed for the holidays, did come back to their jail cells.

Not all prisoners were allowed to go home. Those who are seen as a danger to the public remained locked up during the holidays.

Those who have committed serious crimes, including murders, rapes and drug dealing, were not

Mostly prisoners in minimum security prisons with a history of good conduct were given permission to go home.

In order to be released for the holidays the prisoner has to have served at least one-sixth of his sentence, and it has to be approved by a judge.

After so many prisoners did not return, prisons will use electronic monitoring bracelets before allowing inmates to go home for the holidays.



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