Breast cancer survivor forced to show her scars to Walmart employees

Walmart illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin 

A woman was humiliated at Walmart, after being forced to show off her breast cancer scars in order to prove her identity.

Walmart has issued an apology after the breast cancer survivor said that she was forced to show her mastectomy scar in order to return a $13 book.

The woman said she received the book as a present for her son.

"I did not have a receipt. It was a gift," she said.

The woman, who underwent chemotherapy, was at a Northland, Missouri, Walmart, to exchange the item. She never imagined what she would face when trying to make a simple exchange.

"They asked me to present a photo ID, which I did because they need to keep records to prevent fraud. However, several employees did not believe it was me because my long blonde hair is now short and brown. My facial features are the same, but chemotherapy wreaked havoc on my hair," the woman said.

"Instead of looking at the facial features, she said, 'Oh, your hair is not blonde anymore.’ I was wearing a hat. She frowned at me. I said: 'Honestly, it's personal, but I have cancer. This is why my hair looks different,'" the woman told them. “She kind of rolled her eyes at me and kind of snapped her fingers for her manager to come over,” she said.

She said three employees, including a manager, scrutinized her identification for what seemed a long time. She said she offered to show her scars.

"They were rude to me. So I finally pulled the top of my shirt and showed them the scar I have," she recalled. "They were kind of in shock,” she added. “I have breast cancer. I'm not going to show another scar,” she also said.

Walmart officials said they have summoned store management to discuss ways to handle these cases differently.



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