Government official loses job after breaking up with wife with text message

Aceng Fikri 
By: Feng Qian 

A court ordered a government official to step down after he broke up with his wife with a text message.

Aceng Fikri, chief of Garut District in West Java province, Indonesia, has angered residents and rights activists after he broke up with his 18-year-old wife, Fani Oktora, just four days after they married, claiming that she had lied about being a virgin.

Hundreds of people gathered and demanded Fikri to resign as district chief.

The Supreme Court has approved the dismissal of district chief Fikri, after he broke up with his wife just four days after marriage. According to reports, Oktora was his second wife.

Following a wave of protests, the local parliament in Garut, found Fikri guilty of violating multiple marriage laws and recommended that he be fired. The Supreme Court ruled that the local parliament had legal grounds for its decision, according to a court spokesperson.

Their decision will be sent to the local parliament before being presented to the president for final approval.

"The judges did not take into account our defense. My client is innocent and the punishment is too severe,” Fikri's lawyer, Eggi Sudjana, said. "I must admit that from an ethical point of view his act was wrong, but ethical violations does not amount to grounds for dismissal," Sudjana said.



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