Man returns $276,000 that has fallen off a Brinks truck

Brinks truck 
By: authorname 

A man did not hesitate to return a huge amount of cash, which he found laying around on the street, according to reports in New York.

The Syracuse man who returned $276,000 in cash that had fallen off from an armored truck, was grateful for the gift of a shirt and a gold coin he had received as a reward.

Hanson Herring was one of two people on the scene when a Brinks armored truck sped by with bags of money falling out from a side door, which was unlocked and unsecured.

Together with the local store manager and an off duty police officer, Herring managed to gather $276,160 in cash and coins in 14 bags. Two bags containing $60,000 are still missing and authorities do not know if they were taken from the scene, or fell out elsewhere along the truck route.

Herring said that while he was surprised to see the money, he never thought twice about not returning the cash. Herring surprisingly, did not mention what is widely believed to be a pathetic reward for his good deed.



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