Hungry mice eat marijuana stored inside police evidence room

Suspect behind the marijuana theft 
By: Mahesh Sarin 

After first fearing that marijuana hungry thieves were able to get their hands on a police marijuana stash it turned out that there is nothing to worry about, according to police reports in Kansas.

Wichita Police are hot on the tail of mice that are responsible for chewing through bags of marijuana that were inside a police storage facility. All three packages were evidence seized during arrests.

Rodents apparently nested inside the marijuana and ate part of it. "We have some mice that are drug addicts," police Lieutenant Doug Nolte said Thursday. The animals were probably attracted by the smell, he said.

At first, authorities thought the evidence bags were tampered with, but an investigation revealed that the culprits responsible for the theft were of much smaller scale.

However, officials stuck to the protocol, photographing the scene, re-sealing the bags and returning the stash to the storage facility, Nolte said.

The mice are still at large, but a police artist produced a sketch of a suspect with large ears, small eyes and a long tail.

No investigation or lengthy jury trial will be necessary as an exterminator has been called and the mice still present in the police building were executed.



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