Fat couple addicted to McDonald's lose 238 pounds

Emma and Dylan Smith before and after photos 
By: Chan Yuan 

An obese couple who was addicted to McDonald’s and Burger King food, finally decided to lose weight and fight their addiction after they couldn't fit into amusement park rides with their children, according to press reports in England.

The couple, who ate all their meals at McDonald’s and Burger King, have lost a combined 238 pounds between them after ditching the two fast food restaurants.

Emma and Dylan Smith ate three McMuffins every morning before returning for lunch when they would have two chicken wraps each.

For dinner, the couple, who have four children, ordered Burger King burgers.

Weighing in at nearly 560 pounds between them, the couple of Froome in Somerset, were shamed into weight loss when they learned they were too big for any of the rides during a family trip to Butlins.

Emma, 28, said: "We liked to take the kids to school and then go to McDonald’s on our way home.
We easily ate our way through three McMuffins every morning, every day. We lived in the restaurants.

"We snacked on McFlurries and hot chocolate too. It was embarrassing that the McDonald’s staff knew us so well, they knew our order without us having to ask.

"We received no fruit or vitamins and were anemic because of it. We never used to cook at home. It was McDonald’s or Burger King for every meal.”

The couple kept piling on the weight until they went to Butlins, to celebrate the fourth birthday of their son, but could not fit into any of the fun fair rides as the seat belts would not go over their waists.



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