New law forces children to visit their elderly parents or face lawsuit

Elderly women 
By: Tanya Malhotra 

In the past, China used to be known as family oriented, where extended families lived together with their parentsת and everyone shared responsibilities of the household.

Now, the Chinese culture is changing as its economy is growing rapidly. The traditional communal houses are being replaced by skyscrapers.

As a result of these rapid changes, there has been a huge increase in cases of neglect and abuse of elders. Many people in China also choose to work abroad in order to make a better living, leaving their elderly parents alone.

To help combat the issue of neglect and abuse of elders, the Chinese government has passed a law requiring adult children to visit their elderly parents regularly or risk being sued.

In an unprecedented move, the government has empowered elderly parents who are frustrated by their adult children’s neglect and abandonment. The “Parent Abandonment Bill” requires children to visit their elderly parents or face being sued.

The law does not contain any specific information about how often a person should visit their parents or what to provide for them, but warns that neglect could result in a risk of being sued.

A while back, a 90-year-old Chinese woman had been forced by her son to live with his pigs for two years.

There have been many stories reported, where elderly people died and nobody noticed.

According to reports, China has nearly 167 million people over to age of 60, and one million people above the age of 80.

Nowadays, there are nursing homes for those who are willing to pay for their elderly parents, so they don’t stay home alone.



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