Seal makes itself comfortable on car dashboard

Seal on car dashboard 
By: Mahesh Sarin 

A seal was seen making itself comfortable inside a car on the dashboard, according to reports in the United Kingdom.

The baby seal has been rescued after being discovered in a busy ferry terminal in southwest Scotland.

Workers at the port of Cairnryan, said that the seal was six weeks old.

Despite their best efforts to encourage the seal to head back into the water, the puppy refused to go so the Humane Society of Scotland was called in.

A ferry worker tried to put the animal in the trunk of his car to keep it safe, but it broke out and was found on the dashboard.

The puppy that has been named Smartie, was recovered by Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Alistair Hill.

He said that the weather in the area had been particularly bad at the time, with high winds and stormy seas.

"The baby seal had made its way into the truck parking area through a steep, artificial bank," he said.

"It would have been a great effort to get up there and it had no intention of returning to the troubled waters. Normally, we would ask people to leave it alone until we get there, but there was a risk that it could have been injured in the parking lot so a staff member put it in his car until we got there," he added.

However, the seal managed to escape from the trunk by pushing down one of the rear seats and twisted up on the dashboard.

"It's clearly a very intelligent seal, watching the storm from the car windshield where it is warm and dry," Hill said.



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