Little girl yelled at for bringing paper gun to school (video)

Melody Valentin 
By: Wayne Morin 

(Scroll down for video) A little girl was yelled at in school for bringing a paper gun she received from her grandfather who works for the marines, according to reports in Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia School District however, is defending its decision to scold the elementary student who had the paper gun in class.

A school district spokesperson said that the school acted quickly and appropriately when the 5th grade student, Melody Valentin, reportedly told classmates that she had a gun.

Melody and her mother, Dianna Kelly, denied she ever used the word gun. According to Kelly, Melody realized that she had the paper gun with her and put it on her desk as she prepared to throw it away.

Melody’s grandfather, a firearms specialist for the marines, gave it to her the day before.
A classmate saw the piece of paper and contacted the administrators.

"He yelled at me and told me I should not have brought the gun to school, and I said it was a paper gun, but he would not listen," Melody said.

Fernando Gallard, who is the school district spokesperson, said that the school acted within its guidelines in response to the situation, and cited another case in which they found a gun in a backpack recently at another school.

Melody has been kept out of school to avoid harassment and will now get her education at home.



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