Woman gets five years jail for using her daughter’s credit card

Rebecca Jean Ferguson 
By: Mahesh Sarin 

A woman, was sentenced to five years in prison after she opened credit cards in her 14-year-old daughter’s name and never paid the bill.

The woman ruined her daughter’s credit when she used the credit card for her own benefit and racked up a $10,000 bill.

Rebecca Jean Ferguson, 41, of Martinsburg, West Virginia, a former middle school teacher, betrayed her daughter when she stole her identity and then ruined her credit.

Caityln Sigler, 21, had no idea that her mother was using credit cards in her name, which left her with a damaged credit report.

Sigler has a hard time renting an apartment and getting loans due to her bad credit.

According to reports, Sigler told the court “A mother and daughter are supposed to have a trustworthy bond, my mother broke that bond in every way possible.”

The court heard that Ferguson, used her daughter’s name and social security number to apply for eight credit cards and ran up debts she could not pay.

The mother pleaded guilty to eight counts of identity theft.

Ferguson, was sentenced to five years prison and she was ordered to pay her daughter $10,000 in damages, as well as pay off the $10,000 owed to the credit card companies.

Ferguson’s defense lawyer, Christopher Preziosi, noted that Ferguson had no criminal record and she is only two classes away from earning her master's degree.

"I accept responsibility for everything I did and I am willing to pay any compensation that is asked of me,” Ferguson told the judge.



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