Man finds himself stuck in airport for two months (video)

Rodrigo Ben-Azul 
By: Feng Qian 

(Scroll down for video) A man found himself stuck at an airport for two months, with no help in sight, according to reports in Chile.

The tourist has been stranded in the airport for more than two months in a real-life story that sounds more like a horror movie.

Rodrigo Ben-Azul has become a familiar sight at the airport in Santiago, Chile's capital, since he ran out of money.

He said that he reached the country to resolve differences with members of his family who lived there.

However, after failing to resolve the problem, he returned to the terminal and has spent the last eight weeks waiting for his family in Spain, to send him money for his return flight.

"I'm trying to return to Spain. I'm waiting for my family to send me the money for the ticket,” he said.

Airport workers have said that the tourist has developed a daily routine that involves pushing luggage carts that were abandoned by other travelers back to their spaces so he can claim the money.

At night he retires to a little corner where he sleeps, and during the day he spends his time looking for food in the trash and cigarette butts he can still smoke.

Little else is known about the man, who is often seen wandering in the waiting rooms with his luggage in tow and headphones firmly placed in his ears.



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