NYPD peace officers beat man to near death for no reason

NYPD cars illustration 
By: Chan Yuan 

A man was nearly beaten to death after he disrespected peace officers in Roosevelt Island, New York, according to a statement by the man’s lawyer.

The peace officers in Roosevelt Island savagely beat the 20-year-old resident, to an inch away of death just for standing in front of a building, his family said.

Anthony Jones suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung from the unprovoked attack, and he was never even charged with a crime, his lawyer said.

Now, Jones is planning to sue the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Wednesday, claiming that the NYPD empowered force are poorly trained thugs who have been terrorizing the peaceful community and law-abiding citizens they are supposed to protect.

The mother of Jones, Monica Vega, said the incident occurred around 8:00 p.m. one day this month, when her son and some friends were waiting in front of an apartment building for a friend.

They were surrounded by several members of the police force of the island. Jones complied with their orders to lie down, and did not resist in any way. He was sprayed, severely beaten and handcuffed, the family attorney said.

The incident was caught on numerous cell phone cameras, Vega said. Jones was taken to jail at the department headquarters, where he told police that he could not breathe.

He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, where he was handcuffed to a bed and diagnosed with pneumonia, Vega said. When his condition did not improve, he was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, where doctors discovered his ribs were fractured and his pierced lung was filling with blood.

"He almost died," she said. He was hospitalized for seven days and handcuffed for five days. He was never charged by the New York Police Department with a crime.



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