Woman fined $538 for dropping salt

Laura Howells 
By: Mahesh Sarin 

While eating lunch with her friends, a woman dropped a small packet of salt that came along with her takeout food.

The woman was forced to pay $538 for dropping salt while eating lunch.

Laura Howells, 24, of Wales, was sitting with some friends in a parking lot inside her parked car, where they were eating lunch, which they bought at KFC.

A litter enforcement officer passed their car and spotted Howells dropping a small 2.5 centimeter by 5 centimeter packet of salt on the floor near her car.

The official wrote her a ticket in the amount of $100.

“We were sitting in the car eating our food, when I must’ve dropped it by accident,” Howells said.

Howells tried to fight the fine in court, but in the end she pleaded guilty to an offense under the Environmental Protection Act.

In addition to her original $100 fine, she had to pay an extra $438.

“I felt sick when I found out how much the fine was. It was definitely over the top for a first time offense, especially over a small bag of salt,” Howells said.

“I am not the type of person who ever litters,” she added.



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