Mother boasts about teaching her 3-year-old girl to drink alcohol

Shannon Burrows and Jamie Lee 
By: Chan Yuan 

A mother boasted that she taught her 3-year-old girl how to drink alcohol, according to reports in England.

In one of the strangest interviews ever, a mother proudly said that she gave alcohol to her daughter since she was three years old, so that she would be able to drink well as a teenager.

Without a drop of irony, Shannon Burrows said she wanted her daughter Jamie Lee, now 20 years old, to be able to drink good and for her to have a drink buddy when she grew up.

The proud mother’s big ambitions have been realized because the mother and daughter are now out in the town together as best drinking friends.

In the interview, Burrows of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, said that as a teenager, her daughter was drinking cans of Fosters every weekend, and she had a bottle of vodka to share with a friend to celebrate her 15th birthday.

In the time she hit the legal drinking age of 18, she was able to hit the city and drink with her mother until 4:00 a.m.

Burrows said: "We love getting drunk together. If you lose control, look after me and vice versa. We're like best friends. We have a great time."

Burrows said after getting drunk together, the pair nurse their hangovers together.

Burrows began drinking at age 14, and she used to be so drunk that she collapsed in the street. Sometimes she had to be taken home by the police.

The mother said she does not worry about the health of her daughter because teenagers are resistant.



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