Police raid apartment after video game sounded like gun fire

By: Chan Yuan 

You should really think twice before playing that violent video game because the police may bust down your door.

Police in Sweden, raided an apartment after receiving a report of gunshots and cries for help only to find several teenagers playing a video game, according to reports in Sweden.

The teenagers were playing the game "Call of Duty” Saturday night, when one of the characters of the boy was killed after being shot several times, and was laying on the floor screaming "help, help, help," one of the teens said.

Passersby heard the game and thought it was real, and called police.

A police unit of 10 police officers was sent to the apartment and they conducted a raid there, forcing them outside.

After the teens were outside the house, they were able to explain to the police that they were playing a game.

The police left the apartment, with no one in custody and no one receiving a fine.



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