Court forces 12-year-old boy to find job

A boy doing paper route illustration 
By: Wayne Morin 

A Massachusetts court has ordered a 12-year-old boy to get a job to pay restitution for a crime he committed.

His lawyer, Craig Bartolomei, appealed the decision, but he lost, and the Massachusetts Appeals Court upheld the sentence.

The appeals court upheld a judge's order for the boy to get a job until he pays $1,000 restitution to his neighbors after he spray-painted graffiti on their homes.

The boy, who was identified as Avram, was 11 years old at the time of the crime. He had been ordered to pay compensation to his neighbors in exchange for his juvenile delinquency charges to be put on hold for a year.

When the year was up and the boy failed to pay for the damages, the court ordered him to get a job. The boy’s lawyer, Bartolomei, said that with the child labor laws in place, it is hard for Avram to find a job.

However, the judge offered some suggestions for suitable employment.

"The child can "make money by obtaining a paper route, mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling snow, babysitting, grocery delivery, or by recycling the items on which there was a deposit paid," Judge William Meade wrote at the three-judge panel decision.