Parents eating their own children

Kim Jong-Un 
By: Chan Yuan 

People are so hungry for so long that some see no other choice but to eat their own children, according to reports in England.

Hungry parents in North Korea, have been caught feeding on their infants to avoid hunger, according to reports.

A father is said to have been executed by firing squad for killing his two children in order to eat them.

This case has raised fears that there could be more cases of cannibalism in the country.

Undercover reporters recorded many horror stories from inside the poverty-stricken nation.

Among them a man who dug up the corpse of his grandson in order to eat it, and another who boiled his daughter and ate the meat.

Thousands of North Koreans are starving while their leader Kim Jong-Un regularly dines at banquets.

According to some estimates, more than 10,000 people may have died in the provinces south of the capital Pyongyang alone.

An informant in South Hwanghae, said: "In my village, a man who killed his two children and tried to eat them was executed by a firing squad."

The informant told how the man offered the meat of his daughter and son to his wife when she returned from a business trip.

He was arrested and sentenced to death after she reported the incident to the authorities and the bodies of the children were found.

An official said: "In the village of Chongdan County, a man who went mad from hunger boiled his own son, ate his flesh and was arrested."

There is not enough food for the 24 million people living in North Korea.

Many face hunger due to dire conditions of food production, including catastrophic droughts. North Korea is the subject of severe sanctions due to its nuclear ambitions.

However, last week, the country outraged the world by announcing plans for a nuclear missile test.



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