Toilets on trains covered with thick ice (video)

Ice illustration 
By: Chan Yuan 

(Scroll down for video) If you need to use the toilet on a train be prepared to freeze, according to photos uploaded to the Internet.

A passenger on a Polish train, who tried to answer the call of nature, found a lot of snow in the sink and 3 inches of solid ice stuck on the toilet seat.

The passenger, identified only as Agnieszka, quickly took her business to another train car. Before leaving, she took a picture that became an Internet sensation. People all over Poland, have dubbed the toilet as the "Throne of the Snow Queen."

"I took the photo to illustrate what toilets on trains can be like in the winter," she said. "Fortunately for me, the others were in working condition."

Agnieszka said that she was on a train bound for Warsaw from the Baltic port city of Szczecin on Sunday, when she took the photo. She said that when she complained to the conductor, she received a cool reception.

"I went to see if the conductor could turn on the heat and the conductor said: 'It's an old train. At least there is no snow in the train car,'" she said.

The train operated insisted that their trains are "all safe and efficient."

"If snow is reported by passengers inside the train, we remove it," a company spokesperson added.

For many Poles however, the episode was a sharp reminder of the bad old days when shoddy communist construction ruled and customer service was for capitalists.



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