Bigamy court trial delayed after wife’s breast implants leak

Breast implants illustration 
By: Wayne Morin 

A woman in Florida, who is facing charges of bigamy, was taken to a hospital after her breast implants began to leak, causing her trial to be delayed.

The trial to determine whether the wife of Congressman Alan Grayson committed bigamy when she married, has been delayed because she needed emergency surgery to remove her breast implants.

The trial had been scheduled for Thursday in Orlando, but is now set for next month. Lolita Grayson had been suffering chest pains.

When she went to a hospital to get checked out, she was told that she needed emergency surgery to remove leaking implants and scar tissue.

Lolita Grayson sued her husband for a divorce last year, after 24 years of marriage.

However, Alan Grayson said that the marriage was invalid because she did not divorce her first husband at the time of their marriage.

Lolita Grayson denied the allegations.

Last March, Lolita Grayson was granted a restraining order against her husband after she said Alan Grayson pushed her against the front door of her house when he stopped by.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office investigated the complaint and decided that there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.

A video of the incident shows that Lolita Grayson pushed her husband.