Man buys new car using just coins that he saved up over the years

Car dealership employees counting coins 
By: Feng Qian 

A man in China, arrived at a car dealership with numerous bags of coins in order to purchase a new car.

The man, who owns his own business, decided to pay for his new 51,800 yuan ($9,275) car using only coins, which he saved up over the years.

According to the car dealership in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, the customer informed them beforehand that he intends to pay for the car with just coins so that the employees shouldn’t be annoyed.

The man brought mainly 0.1 yuan, 0.5 yuan, and 1 yuan coins, filling four plastic bags weighing 330 pounds.

The car dealership had 8 employees spend all afternoon counting the coins before the happy man drove off with his new car.



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