Gay groom and 11 of his friends arrested during wedding ceremony disguised as birthday party

Same sex couple illustration 
By: Wayne Morin 

A gay groom was arrested during his wedding ceremony on charges of violating the Same Sex Prohibition Act, police in Nigeria said.

Hisbah Police in Kano, said that they arrested 12 men, including a 20-year-old groom, on suspicion of being gay.

The raid was conducted while the groom was preparing to get married to his male partner, who managed to escape from the scene.

According to the police investigation, 20-year-old Faruq Maiduguri and 25-year-old Abba Mohammed decided to get married and invited their friends to a hotel, where they planned to hold a festive ceremony.

Mohammed and several of his friends managed to escape during the raid while Maiduguri and 11 wedding guests were arrested.

Maiduguri and Mohammed invited their friends to the wedding through social media sites. In order to keep the wedding a secret, Maiduguri and Mohammed told the hotel staff to prepare a birthday party.

However, Maiduguri’s family found out about the same sex marriage ceremony and they called the police. Mohammed denied the allegations, saying that he only wanted to celebrate the birthday of Maiduguri.

The suspects face up to 14 years in prison if convicted of violating the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act.



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