Thief’s dog severely injures police dog and tries to bite of officer’s face during burglary

Police dog illustration 
By: Chan Yuan 

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of criminal damage of a police dog after his dog attacked a police dog during a robbery, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Now, Karl Millward was given a suspended prison sentence at the Preston Crown Court for criminal damage of a police dog during the attempted burglary.

His accomplice, David Roscoe, was given a 12 month probation for attempted burglary.

They were both attempting to steal items from a storage container when Karl Millward's Pitbull Terrier attacked police dog Lancon Max.

According to the police investigation, Karl Millward and David Roscoe were at the storage facility, searching for items to steal from a container.

A police helicopter was deployed as well as two officers with the police dog. Karl Millward's dog savagely attacked the police dog and attempted to bite off an officer's face.

Millward made no attempt to call off the dog or prevent the attack in any way. The dog was so dangerously out of control that after all efforts to get it under control failed, police were forced to shoot it.

The police dog, Lancon Max, has been forced to retire from the police force as a result of the severe injuries it received during the attack.

Millward was banned from keeping a dog for five years and was ordered to pay an 80 pound ($121) victim surcharge. David Roscoe was ordered to perform 140 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay a 15 pound ($22) victim surcharge.



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