Woman strips naked and throws rock through window of her employer

Nude woman illustration 
By: Feng Qian 

A woman was arrested on charges of indecent exposure after allegedly striping in public and throwing a rock through her employer’s window, police in Washington said.

Fife Police said that they arrested Jeany Dee Pollock, after being seen walking down the middle of the road with her pants and underwear down before throwing a rock through the window of her employer.

The incident took place on Tuesday, when officers responded to a report of a woman walking in the middle of the road near 12th Street East and 54th Avenue East.

When officers arrived, they saw Pollock, who was incoherent and combative, shouting and waving her arms. Her pants and underwear were down around her ankles, exposing her private parts.

Damage to the broken window was around $1,000. Pollock was booked into the Pierce County Jail. She pleaded not guilty to the charges and her bail was set at $30,000.