Serial female arsonist sets fire to garbage cans in her neighborhood

Jenny Towell 
By: Tanya Malhotra 

A woman who spent time in jail after being convicted of arson, was arrested after setting fire to garbage cans in her neighborhood, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

38-year-old Jenny Towell set fire to a garbage can outside a property next door to her own in Park Road, Peterborough, a court has heard.

Officers viewed video from surveillance cameras that had been put up by police, following a number of other arsons in the area.

It showed Towell leaving her property, walking up the driveway of the next house and setting the bin on fire. She then checked that the fire had taken hold before returning to her own home.

The alarm was raised by a man living in the same property as Towell, who asked to borrow her mobile phone to call the fire service.

Towell, who had been jailed for 12 months for starting a fire at a home in Swale Avenue, Peterborough, was arrested and questioned by officers, but refused to accept responsibility for the fire, even though she admitted that it was her in the video.

However, she later entered a guilty plea to a charge of arson, and was jailed for 20 months at the Peterborough Crown Court.

Two years ago, Towell put burning paper through a door in Swale Avenue, causing damage to a home.



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