2 men rape teen tourist in park after she asked them for directions

Mojtaba Changi and Saeed Fatemi 
By: Feng Qian 

Two men were arrested, charged and convicted of rape after raping a teen in a park, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Mojtaba Changi, 33, and Saeed Fatemi, 20, were sentenced at the Kingston Crown Court to 14 years imprisonment each for the rape of the woman in Canbury Gardens, Kingston.

They were each convicted of two counts of rape.

Baljit Ubhey, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said: "Changi and Fatemi preyed on this 18-year-old victim who was lost and alone in a foreign country.

"The woman had only arrived in the U.K. several days before and had planned to spend her time with family and friends. After enjoying an evening out with one of her friends they got separated at a bus stop in the early hours of the morning.

"The victim found herself alone and was befriended by Fatemi who led her to Canbury Gardens with Changi following behind them. She was then brutally attacked by both men, with each one helping to hold her down while she was raped by the other.

"When faced with the evidence against them, both men made a cowardly attempt to deny responsibility, claiming that the victim had offered sex to them. The prosecution has shown that this was a lie and these men have now been brought to justice for this abhorrent crime.

"In order to make the court process easier for the victim her main evidence was given by pre-recorded video and she gave further live evidence from behind screens. I hope that the convictions today bring some comfort to the victim and I would like to thank her for her courage in giving evidence in court.

"Tackling rape is a key priority for the CPS and we will continue to work with our police partners to support victims and bring offenders to justice."



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