Teen stabs and sexually assaults 84-year-old woman in her home while she slept in bed

Sam Rimmer 
By: Feng Qian 

A teen was arrested, charged and convicted of sexual assault after breaking into an elderly woman’s home and sexually assaulting her in her bed, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Now, the man who attacked the 84-year-old woman with a knife in her own bed, has been jailed.

Sam Rimmer, 19, of Princess Avenue, Irlam, pleaded guilty to attempted rape and sexual assault by penetration at an earlier hearing.

He was sentenced to 17 years in prison at the Manchester Crown Square.

According to the police investigation, Rimmer broke into the pensioner’s Salford home while she was in bed. She initially thought the noises were caused by her grandson coming home, but was then startled to see Rimmer standing over her in her bedroom.

He then jumped onto the bed, pulled back the covers and got on top of the frightened woman. Rimmer was armed with a knife in one hand and started punching her in the shoulders and face with the other hand.

Despite the woman struggling to fight him off, including striking him with her walking stick, Rimmer repeatedly sexually assaulted her and put one hand over her mouth to silence her.

During the attack, the elderly woman was stabbed with the knife on her right arm and also suffered a slash wound to her ear.

After his vicious assaults, Rimmer’s last act was to hug the woman and tell her it should not have happened.

He then left the house. A few minutes later, the woman called police.



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