2 men caught selling horse meat as beef

Horse illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin 

Two men were arrested, charged and convicted of crimes relating to the selling of horse meat as beef, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Peter Boddy and David Moss have been sentenced at the Southwark Crown Court.

They were each ordered to pay costs of over 10,000 pounds ($14,864).

Moss received a four month prison sentence suspended for two years and Boddy was fined 4,000 pounds ($5,954).

Peter Boddy, the owner of a slaughterhouse that sold horse meat to customers, admitted to failing to keep adequate records, which could trace the provenance of the meat.

The slaughterhouse manager, David Moss, has been sentenced for falsifying an invoice.

Kevin Hansford, specialist prosecutor at the Crown Prosecution Service said: "FSA inspectors visited the slaughterhouse owned by Peter Boddy and managed by David Moss after widespread publicity over alleged mis-selling of meat.

“Documents produced for this inspection were intended to deceive the inspector and the lack of proper records meant that the source and destination of the horse meat was untraceable.

“This deception is serious - the absence of proper records means that it is not possible to identify whether the horse meat may have entered the human food chain. It also means that if there was a problem with the horse meat it would not be possible to recall it.

“Both Boddy and Moss had little regard for the consequences of their actions and have now been held to account for them."



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